Riverside Bartending School  (866) WE-MIX-IT (866) 936-4948
(Q) What is the age requirement to go to bartending school?

(A) Students must be 18 years old to attend San Bernardino Bartending School.

(Q) Does Riverside Bartending School promise me a job?

(A) It is illegal for any bartending school to promise you a job.

(Q) How does Riverside Bartending School rank with job placement?

(A) Our bartending school averages 80% job placement rates.

(Q) Where will I work when I am finished with bartending school?

(A) We help you find jobs in places that fit with your lifestyle.

(Q) When can I start?

(A) Students can start 6 days per week at Riverside Bartending School.

(Q) How long does it take?

(A) It Takes about 3 to 5 weeks to graduate from our bartending school.

(Q) What are the Bartending class schedules like?

(A) We have full time instructors to work with our students at all times.

(Q) What are your hours?

(A) We are open from 10am-10pm M-TH and 10am-4:30pm F & Sa

(Q) Do I need any prior knowledge of alcohol?

(A) No! Many people do not drink but they work as Bartenders.

(Q) Do you have financing?

(A) Yes, we have “In-House” financing, no credit check, no fees/interest.

(Q) How much is the total cost of tuition?

(A) Because there are many details to pricing please call us.