Currently there is no bartending school in Temecula. However, Riverside Bartending School is the closest bartending school to Temecula. We are 33 miles from the core of Temecula. There are 64 full bars in Temecula and many of them hire from us.
Our Riverside Bartending School offers many things that normal bartending schools do not offer.  We are the only Bartending School in the Inland Empire that that offers 100 hours of hands on training behind a real bar.  Riverside Bartending School trains hundreds of people from Temecula on an annual basis and they find work at places like:
Plus many more bars restaurants and clubs.
No other school in Southern California has the quality of Job Placement Assistance.  All of our Job Placement Assistance is done one-on one with the owner.  With 29 years in the same location we are number one in the category of connection for Job Placement Assistance.  If you would like references of our graduates so you can visit them at their jobs please let us know when you come in. We would be happy to call a few students and see what time they are working and you can visit them before you make a decision. We stand behind our word to help our students until they find work.  Looking for a Bartending School in Temecula – Riverside Bartending School is the place to go!